Shojiki Advertising JSC and SugarV Company signed a cooperation agreement to exploit many types of advertising on the Dropfoods vending machine system. During the event, the two parties agreed to cooperate in developing advertising services on the Dropfoods vending machine system such as: TVC advertising on vending machine’s LCD screens, stickers on machines, pastes on full vending machines,...helping promote customer brand image effectively .

Dropfoods cooperates with Shojiki to exploit advertising
on vending machine

Shojiki Advertising JSC

Shojiki is a company specializing in providing outdoor advertising services (OOH). Although newly established since the end of 2017, Shojiki has implemented hundreds of large and small projects for many partners such as Dien May Xanh, Ford, Traveloka, The Gioi Di Dong, Danh Khoi, Beamin... Under the management of Mr. Nguyen Quang Nhut - Founder and CEO, Shojiki has grown tremendously over the years.

Mr. Nhut stated, “Having been involved in cooperation with various types of vending machine advertising for large chains as well as interacting with many customers, I believe that Dropfoods has its own advantages in terms of time, access environment as well as advertising costs. Therefore, I strongly recommend FMCG-related brands, banks and brands that want to interact closely with users inside office buildings, schools, hospitals,.... area should choose this form of advertising”

About Dropfoods

Dropfoods is funded by Sugar Ventures, the most dynamic and diversified investment fund in Singapore. Having received a large investment from Sugar Ventures, Dropfoods is expanding the market rapidly. Currently, Dropfoods has installed hundreds of machines in Ho Chi Minh City, located in "golden" locations such as apartments, office buildings, commercial centers, amusement parks, schools, hospitals, private companies, factories...

Mr. Le Dinh Duong – Representative of Dropfoods shared: “Dropfoods has many years of experience in operating and selling vending machines in Ho Chi Minh City, we understand the outstanding advantages of vending machines in reaching consumers. We firmly believe that cooperating with Shojiki - a leading advertising and media agency in Ho Chi Minh City to deploy various types of advertising on Dropfoods smart vending machines will create a breakthrough in the introduction of the product’s images and the company's brands to consumers. This will be a premise for the two parties to cooperate in many other fields in the future.”

TVC advertising on vending machines:

Currently, advertising on online screens is becoming an effective advertising trend for many businesses. With advertising images appearing on the 32 inch and 49 inch LCD screens of the Dropfoods vending machine system, this is a great opportunity to build the product's brand, increase the visibility and display the product image

Dropfoods 32-inch and 49-inch LCD touch screens display high-quality image or video formats. Dropfoods is committed to showing your content +500 times/day, each turn from 10s-15s on each Dropfoods machine.

Advertising on the LCD screen of vending machines will be an advertising channel to help brands reach target customers effectively and cost-effectively. Besides advertising on the LCD screen of vending machines, Dropfoods and Shojiki also provide other types of advertising on the Dropfoods vending machine system such as: stickers on the body of the machine, product display in the machine, etc..